Wait, what?

Chuck Hagel? Dick Lugar? Rahm Emanuel? PAUL VOLCKER?

Well, that was fun for a few hours. Apparently the conservatives won again. Awesome.

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  1. Novita wrote:

    Forcing one company out of town or a small seotcr into submission makes it much easier to extort the other businesses in the bandit’s territory, I mean city. Al Capone showed Chicago politicians how to do it, and Chicago politicians are showing the country – Cafe Hayek=== ===[edited] There is a notion that the state is a legitimate agency deserving respect; that despite its flaws, it generally promotes or tries to promote the welfare of its citizens. This is increasingly difficult to understand, much less to accept.The late Mancur Olson had a far more realistic view: The state is a stationary bandit. Ordinary people might have to tolerate this, but they should understand that dealing with the state is dealing with organized thuggery. Obey the state because it can unleash its guns and prisons on you. But, please don’t pretend that the state’s commands are issued with your best interests in mind.=== ===The fundamental problem with politics is that it is driven by incentives, like all other activities. Political parties are organized to collect the spoils of government. They benefit from implementing good policy only to the extent that they can confiscate more of the prosperity of the citizens.Their fight for dominance is not primarily driven by greater prosperity for the average citizen, and so that prosperity will often suffer from the fight.Possibly the populace will reject nanny (protection racket) government after the general economic collapse which is coming. But, the example of Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930’s, and of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela doesn’t cheer me. Each became or has become more popular as his country declined.

  2. http://www.sorethumbsblog.com/ wrote:

    This contest is pretty dope. Too bad I am NTSC region once again haha, but yeah if anyone wants to compare sonic avatars and stand next to a real yakuza dual light saber weilding sonic avatar and then maybe battle it out on STH2 add my gt MAC METAL FACE.

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    Felicidades muy encarecidas por tan magnífica entrada que considero responde a un gran reto en el intento de desentrañar aspectos constitutivos y fundamentales a la pregunta que prácticamente todos nos hemos formulado de que Qué es lo que hace que este Universo exista.Pido matrícula para seguir este curso e intentar aprender o al menos pondré el máximo interés en lo que tan magistralmente emitís.Es impresionante la pregunta que habéis planteado. Deduzco entonces que ese juego de densidades no ha sido así en el pasado constatado. Lo desconocía y me parece interesantísimo. Sois sorprendentes.

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