Is U2 evil for moving their copyrights to Amsterdam to avoid paying taxes? Is Calvin evil for peeing on Jeff Gordon?


If U2 won’t pay their taxes, what hope do we have of getting EVIL rich people to do it?

People are finally starting to question why it is that U2, a band that supposedly wants social justice, has fled Ireland for a tax haven. I mean, if the good guys won’t pay taxes, what chance to we have of getting the evil plutocrats to pay their fair share?

According to Christian Aid, tax evasion costs the lives of 1000 children a day. So, tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.


I Have a Conditional Discharge

If you know what I mean.


I Wanna Be Sedated


Waist Watcher Diet Orange high


Pretty good looking for a Garf


I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day

I know I did! A few lucky garf1 fans got special valentines. Pictures to follow.

For now, know this: I love you all.


Double Shot of My Baby’s Love.

I had some problems yesterday. I have now resolved them. Enjoy TWO FOR ONE THURSDAY!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day this Saturday. Be safe! Spit, don’t swallow!


I sure could go for a Nature’s Path Organic Optimum energy bar.

Too bad…oh you know. Should we believe anything is “organic?” Ever?


I could really go for a CLIF Kid Organic ZBaR Peanut Butter Bar

Too bad it turns out they’re all tainted. With salmonella. AKA shit. And were never organic. And were actually made with grade Z  bottom-of-the-barrel peanut butter. Gross.

Still…I could go for one. If I didn’t have to worry I’d die like the eight people who’ve died from tainted peanut butter. Yeah. Dang.