Let’s Go Steady


I could really go for a CLIF Kid Organic ZBaR Peanut Butter Bar

Too bad it turns out they’re all tainted. With salmonella. AKA shit. And were never organic. And were actually made with grade Z  bottom-of-the-barrel peanut butter. Gross.

Still…I could go for one. If I didn’t have to worry I’d die like the eight people who’ve died from tainted peanut butter. Yeah. Dang.




Don’t Cry Wolf

You know what I mean…

Howcome conservatives never compromise?

Chemtrails Rule

Today is the greatest day

My coundown clock is broken

Maybe we can sell new ones to conservatives. Or white supremacists. Or, you know, liberals. I bet they’re pissed.

I hope this doesn’t suck ass

Like the last eight years. Please…be FDR, not Jimmy Carter. Please. I’m begging you.

“Wild” “Cards”

Weird, right?