Let’s Go Steady


I sure could go for a Nature’s Path Organic Optimum energy bar.

Too bad…oh you know. Should we believe anything is “organic?” Ever?


I could really go for a CLIF Kid Organic ZBaR Peanut Butter Bar

Too bad it turns out they’re all tainted. With salmonella. AKA shit. And were never organic. And were actually made with grade Z  bottom-of-the-barrel peanut butter. Gross.

Still…I could go for one. If I didn’t have to worry I’d die like the eight people who’ve died from tainted peanut butter. Yeah. Dang.


Garf1 to the Rescue

Look out tonight at MSG. Kobe set the table. LeBron brought what he had.

But tonight: GARF1!


Judd Gregg?

Really? We’re supposed to still be excited? Hopeful? Engaged? FUCK THAT




Fell in love with a groundhog

I fell in love with a groundhog once. She kept wanting me to call her a woodchuck. It’s funny how the little things can get so big. Isn’t it?

Six more weeks of winter. Please.