World Garfing Classic


Garf1 to the Rescue

Look out tonight at MSG. Kobe set the table. LeBron brought what he had.

But tonight: GARF1!


Judd Gregg?

Really? We’re supposed to still be excited? Hopeful? Engaged? FUCK THAT


Today is the greatest day

My coundown clock is broken

Maybe we can sell new ones to conservatives. Or white supremacists. Or, you know, liberals. I bet they’re pissed.

Cum stains?

Try tonic water. Still? Try seltzer. Then Peanut butter. Then sugarless gum (apply, freeze, repeat). If all this doesn’t get the stain out, ADD MORE CUM.

PS-This is my new favorite band. And I haven’t even heard them yet.

Better late than never

I had a very minor car accident last night. I was too tired to garf this morning. But it’s ready now.

Catholic Guilt