Sharpie experiment yields mixed results.

Here’s my solution to the economic crisis:

1. National debt amnesty. All mortgage, credit card, student loan, and payroll loan debt is forgiven immediately. Immediatey implement single-payer national health care by extending medicare to everyone who wants it for free. Instruct GM to run 3 shifts a day in every plant to build plug-in electric cars to be distributed for free to any American who wants one. Build enough free apartments for every American who doesn’t own a home.

2. Pass an immediate radically graduated income tax to pay for #1. Millionaires pay 90%. Billionaires pay 99.9%. Party’s over.

3. If rich people have a problem with #2, buy guillotines.

4. Pay for #3 and #1 with new 100% estate taxes for millionaires.

See? Not so hard. Everybody wins. Except rich people. But they’ve been winning for too long.

Here comes the revolution.

Do politics belong on the comics page? OMG!

Campaign Crazies

For better or…for worse?

I’m experimenting with brightness and contrast. Does this make it harder or easier to read?

Taking teh cure

Good Grief! For worse!

You may or may not know that For Better or For Worse has “rebooted” to the beginning of the Patterson story. Originally it was going to simply be reruns. Lynn Johnston, the creator of the foobiverse, was going to retire and travel the world with the real life John Patterson. Sadly, The real Mr. Johnston left Lynn/Elly for a MUCH younger woman. For worse! And, he’s gone! To me that title always represented a sticking-it-out. Apparently not. It’s interesting to read the old comics through that lens.

Let’s get drunk and fuck our friends.

The Globe’s Here.

The man who turned the “comics” to COMIC!

Doesn’t that guy in the first panel of Mark trail look EXACTLY like this guy?