Sharpie experiment yields mixed results.

Here’s my solution to the economic crisis:

1. National debt amnesty. All mortgage, credit card, student loan, and payroll loan debt is forgiven immediately. Immediatey implement single-payer national health care by extending medicare to everyone who wants it for free. Instruct GM to run 3 shifts a day in every plant to build plug-in electric cars to be distributed for free to any American who wants one. Build enough free apartments for every American who doesn’t own a home.

2. Pass an immediate radically graduated income tax to pay for #1. Millionaires pay 90%. Billionaires pay 99.9%. Party’s over.

3. If rich people have a problem with #2, buy guillotines.

4. Pay for #3 and #1 with new 100% estate taxes for millionaires.

See? Not so hard. Everybody wins. Except rich people. But they’ve been winning for too long.

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