Today is the greatest day

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  1. Aejaj wrote:

    dawn – it’s a tricky one. Basically there are two parts to the joke. The first is the sheer fact that he thknis of Robert Goulet, who is a famous actor, but not in the same ilk as Brad Pitt or someone. It’s one of those … “Of all the people”. The second half is the “WTF” the sort of trying to think of a character and again “of all people” Robert Goulet pops into his head. Not so funny to explain really. But jokes rarely are. I had a clown class once where we had to tell the same joke over and over and over and then explain why it was funny and then tell the joke again etc. It was hilarious to watch, not because of the jokes, but the struggle that the people on stage went through trying to explain what made something humourous. Some people totally got it wrong.Mary – actually it wasn’t your fault at all! The link has been fixed, thanks for pointing it out!

  2. wrote:

    Posted on creerul lui orban, pluteste in crinolin este tot la fel, desi se dä presedinte , esti si presedintele celor cu probleme, ei nu pot vota?

  3. wrote:

    rabia aktaş diyor ki:istanbul da oturuyorum. (kemerburgaz göktürk eyüp) evde mandal işi yapabilirim. acil işe ihtiyacım var.. nikah şekeri gibi işler de yapabilirim. geri dönüş yaparsanız sevinirim..

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    You couldn’t pay me to ignore these posts!

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