Pretty good looking for a Garf


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  1. Hamouda wrote:

    1) Stand still, please! I need to make an exact copy of Shroud of Turin! 2) I did not mean to mfimmuy you! I did not know that ShamWow can hold 12 times of its weight in liquid! 3) Do what now? Wax on, wax off?

  2. wrote:

    Thank you from another Pittsburgh Public School Librarian. Our plight has been on the back burner for so long, it’s great to see so much attention being given to an important part of our children’s education. And when I say ‘our children’, both Sheila and I are not only PPS employees, but also parents of children in the district.

  3. car insurance wrote:

    Steve Jobs might still be around if he’d not insisted on refusing conventional medical treatment for his cancer. I have no problem with offering people choices such as organic products, but I think you can take it too far on too little fact. As your post points out, there’s no substantive evidence that an organic diet is going to make you a healthier person.An oncologist I worked with told me the reason we see more cancer than in the past is primarily because we’re living longer. That’s one reason why childhood cancers are rare by comparison to cancer in adults.

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